Would you like to be part of the ROMAC Team?

ROMAC fulfils an exciting and very satisfying volunteer role within Rotary. It offers a unique chance to seriously help those who are disadvantaged. The reward received, after being part of a team that repairs a child’s broken life and sees them return home fit and well, is unbelievable. The contact, humility and gratification are astonishing. It is perhaps why many of us joined and remain in Rotary.

Pictured left to right: Chair D’Arcy Walsh, Melenaite and Michelle

ROMAC has an ongoing process of fulfilling its orderly succession plan. The regular introduction of new people and fresh ideas ensures ROMAC continues its wonderful work saving the lives of over 500 children. ROMAC looks for Rotarians in the mould of those who have gone before – Rotarians who are self-motivated, committed and dedicated. All office-bearing positions are for a term of three years + one.

We need Rotarians or Rotaractors to fill the following 6 vacancies at Zone 8 level:

  • Medical Director ­- make life­saving treatment decisions
  • Fundraising Chair ­- enable ROMAC to pay for children’s treatment
  • HR, Training and Recruitment Coordinator ­- help recruit and train our volunteers
  • Meetings Secretary ­- manage our virtual organisation
  • IT Coordinator -­ support our online processes
  • Operations Manager – ­look after our patients and their carers

All positions are up to 4 years tenure and expressions of interest together with a CV should be directed to the Deputy Chair, Glenys Parton, at deputychair@romac.org.auExpressions of interest are due in by 25 April 2023.

People can also volunteer to work on their Regional ROMAC Committee in roles like fundraising, communications and media, Hospital liaison, Club involvement, patient care and hosting, and any other roles like Secretary and Treasurer when deemed necessary by the Region.