Vinna’s journey

Vinna, from Vanuatu, first came to ROMAC in 2017 and followed a 2-year journey to repair a multiple fracture and infection of her right leg. The final stages of treatment required the insertion of a plate to stabilise the bone graft and Vinna was due to have this plate removed in April 2020. Covid-19 intervened Continued

Jasminah breathes again

Jasminah is a 16-month-old girl from Vanuatu who failed to thrive from birth and had frequent respiratory tract infections. She was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) during a clinic held by Dr John Stirling in Vanuatu in early 2019. Jasminah and her mother Angelina arrived in Ronald McDonald House in Auckland, New Zealand Continued

Rachel recovers from renal condition

Rachel and her mother Victoria arrived in Auckland, New Zealand from Vanuatu in June. Rachel had a renal condition that needed to be resolved and the renal team at Starship Hospital promptly got to work to treat her. Rachel was accommodated in Ronald McDonald House and was hosted by the Rotary Club of Birkenhead. Under Continued


Christella was a happy little 3-year-old girl in Vanuatu until one day her legs and feet were so severely burnt by boiling water she could not stand or walk. She was brought to Sydney by ROMAC to be treated for her burns at Westmead Hospital.

A Tiny Tot From Vanuatu Now has a Future

Five months old Linda arrived from Vanuatu with her mother Talia and was operated on three days later to remove an encephalocele (herniated brain) over her eyes. On arrival with her mother, Linda’s face was covered with a scarf to hide her baby’s appearance.